Within the last few months I started following the Fantagraphics tumblr, and seeing post after post promoting a huge set of Peanuts anthologies… and it made me remember. When I was a kid, we had a hardcover Peanuts anthology of some kind - contained within said anthology, the most hilarious Peanuts story arc of all time. Lucy threatens to throw Linus’s security blanket in the trashburner — and the blanket fights back. This short arc, just a few pages, was so well-loved by me (at the very least - if not also my two sisters) that these particular pages actually fell out of the book. By the end of my memory the pages were just tucked in the book for safekeeping.

Since those days, my family moved, my parents got divorced, my mom moved out, my dad remarried, my stepmother cleaned up house. I am also halfway across the country from them, so calling my parents to ask if they remembered the book and whether anyone still had it seemed like a long shot. At first I browsed the library catalog and took a few wild guesses based on titles. Then I realized a little delicate Google-fu would probably lead to better results. 

Did you know there is a Peanuts Wiki? Of course there is. The entry for Linus’s security blanket mentions my favorite story explicitly, and I found a date: 1965.

Enter Fantagraphics! Their Complete Peanuts books are collecting the strips by year, so all I had to do was visit my local library’s webpage and find the right year, request the book, and wait. Today it arrived, and lo and behold, a mere 30 pages in, I found it: my long beloved depiction of a security blanket attacking a little girl. I am ridiculously happy, and it’s still funny

Above are a few selections from The Complete Peanuts, 1965 - 1966. (Fantagraphics | SPL)

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